Safety in Our Hands


Harlestone Home Care is very proud of their approach to the recent pandemic. 


We are extremely pleased to be able to report that statistics show that being cared for in your own home is deemed incredibly safe despite the current situation with COVID-19.


Regrettably, the amount of people who have passed away in residential care  has amounted to 11% of the pre-COVID-19 outbreak which is a huge rise.


We are very proud to state that in domicilliary care, the statisics appear to show that far less than 1% of people who are in receipt of care have been lost due to coronavirus.


There may be several reasons for this such as people may be in better health than those in residential care, they may be sheilding or maybe they simply have great care workers such as those who work for HHC!



We have made lots of changes to ensure the safety and well-being of those who use our service whilst continuing to follow government guidelines.


Please use the links to find out more about our work with COVID-19 relating to PPE, Health Checks and Staff Training.


Management at HHC conduct thorough research to ensure that the latest information is available to everyone. 

This ensures that all HHC staff work to the latest guidlines and carry out their tasks in the safest manner possible ensuring that clients and families have peace of mind throughout this tough time. 



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