What is Mobizio?


At Harlestone Home Care we use an electronic care system called Mobizio. Mobizio is an electronic database which enables users to recieve information about our clients instantaneously. The system builds up care plans detailing personal information, care requirements, risk assessments and individual tasks required for daily care calls. The system works in real time allowing the monitoring of calls as they happen.



How is Mobizio used?


HHC keep paper records to back up all the information on the electronic system but the electronic system will mean care workers can recieve care plans securely on their mobile devices as they work. Care workers use the mobizio app at each call which displays the needs of each client at their visit and allows them to clock into and out their calls. Each task required for the call is listed with a section of detail about how the task must be carried out. Changes to visits can be made instantly meaning changes in medication and other needs are not hindered by a long process of phone calls and hand written records.


The office team view each day in real time as care takes place. Therefore, if there are any issues or changes necessary it is seen and dealt with quicker then reports that would come in through a paper based structure. Furthermore, the office is able to see in real time when care workers have arrived and see how they feel their logs as they write them.


The system represents a positive development for domically care and we are proud to be a part of it. Important information can be quickly provided for health professionals who may need further information to support your loved ones. 



What records will I have?


Paper copies of the electronic care plans are still provided in all clients care folders in their home. These are added to when care plans are change.



How Can I view these records?


An email can be sent at the end of each day detailing the events and care carried out that day. This means families can collect and keep their own set of records as and when they wish. This should be up and running for May 2017. If families have any queries about the care given these can be checked and dealt with whilst on the phone rather than having to call back once the information had been receive from the care worker that day.


The Mobizio system is currently looking into a way in which families can physically view records but this is currently in motion and no date has yet been set.


Further information.


If some of your questions have not been answered here then please contact our office on 01604 419600 for further information. 



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