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All staff have been notified of today's weather warning and have been asked to access the information contained here regarding Heat and Dehydration, to ensure their own safety and that of their clients during the heatwave. 

Staff Social Distancing Picnic

Planned for Tuesday 30.06.2020 - We look forward to seeing you all there!


23.06.2020 Full Team Staff Meeting

Great to all get together again rather eventful due to one or two people having technical difficulties but a very constructive meeting all the same.


09.06.2020 - Company Documents

New documents issued to all staff regarding company policies and procedures. 


04.06.2020 - Full Team Staff meeting.

Everyone enjoyed the meeting and we are already planning the next one.


01.06.2020 - Serious Reminder!

All staff have been reminded of the importance of wearing PPE and the importance of the protection of staff, clients and families! Clarification provided for those with questions.


28.05.2020 - Staff Meeting

All staff have been notified of an upcoming staff meeting on zoom next week on Thursday 04.06.2020. Staff reminded of the importance of being prompt. Contact requests have been sent. 


27.05.2020 - Care Certificate

Email sent to all staff providing details of the care certificate.




27.05.2020 - Polite Reminder

Sent to all staff regarding issues that may arise and the procedures to follow if they do. 

21.05.2020 - Extra Training

Extra training has been offered to all staff in areas that they may wish to learn more. We are very pleased as several staff have taken up the offer. This just goes to show how dedicated the HHC care team are. Well done team!


21.05.2020 - Office open for training

As all staff have now completed their training, this has been cancelled.




19.05.2020 - PPE update

An update was provided to all staff regarding the national shortage of aprons. Staff were notified that HHC is NOT currently running low on any stocks however the company is taking care to manage stocks to ensure that this remains the same in the future. 

HHC management has been quite creative with the sourcing of PPE and want to ensure staff, clients and families that the safety of everyone is being upheld. 


18.05.2020 - Congratulations

Congratulations to LJ Care Worker who has secured her dream job with the 111 service. While sad to see her go, we are extremely proud and all at HHC wish her well.



18.05.2020 - Office open for training

The office will be opened for staff who still need to complete training this Thursday 21.05.2020. This will be compulsory and the schedule will be adjusted to suit.



15.05.2020 - And the WINNER is.....

Congratulations to RH Care Worker who is the winner of last week's quiz. 

Well done RH. You had the most correct answers in the quickest time although he has admitted to looking a couple up :-)


12.05.2020 - Reminder

Reminder issued to all staff to state that the wearing of PPE is compulsory to assist with everyone's safety. All staff must use the PPE provided and follow the government issued guidelines!



11.05.2020 - Invitation

All staff who have not completed parts of their training have been invited to the office to complete it under strict social distancing measures. 



07.05.2020 - Reminder

Sent to all staff regarding office opening times. The importance of using the correct telephone number and the reasons for using the correct procedures. 


06.05.2020 - PPE

Reminder sent to all staff regarding the use of PPE. This included the answering of staff questions when they needed clarity.




30.04.2020 - Competition Time!!!

Next week we will hold a quiz. Staff will receive 5 questions daily at 1pm and there will be a different category each day. The winner will be the person who sends in the correct answers in the quickest time each day.

                                                      GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


30.04.2020 - Payday

Details sent to all staff regarding how payroll is run and the importance of handing in car documents in order to claim mileage. 




27.04.2020 - PPE

Latest guidance sent out to all staff. 





27.04.2020 - Staff Training

A polite reminder was sent to all staff to remind them to complete any outstanding training. 

22.04.2020 - PPE

CCB Office Staff demonstrated full PPE in the group chat. 






22.04.2020 - Marmite

Having introduced us to Marmite with Peanut Butter last year, JL Care Worker has now introduced us to Marmite with Cream Cheese! Not so sure about this one JL :-)


20.04.2020 - Testing

HHC has recieved confirmation that staff are now able to access COVID-19 tests for those showing symptoms. Full details have been sent to all staff. 




20.04.2020 - Thermometers

The new batch of thermometers has finally arrived at the office for anyone who needs one.





20.04.2020 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ID Office staff!

Many happy returns of the day!

Surprise! CB and CCB surprised ID on her birthday by arriving in full PPE with birthday gifts and singing Happy Birthday in the street outside ID's house. Who says, having a birthday during lockdown can't be fun :-)



17.04.2020 - Reminder

Sent to all staff to reminding them of the procedures to follow when self-isolating or if they are unwell so that they may qualify for SSP.












09.04.2020 - Polite reminder

Sent to all staff to remind them to complete their personal observations.




09.04.2020 - Polite reminder

Sent to all staff to remind them to complete their personal observations.




07.04.2020 - Pets during coronavirus.

Information provided to staff regarding how to deal with pets throughout the pandemic and if you are self isolating. Also how to support others with pets during the outbreak.


06.04.2020 - Reminder.

Reminders sent to all staff regarding procedures to follow to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and how to apply PPE.

01.04.2020 - PPE

HHC has made the decision to order extra PPE on top of that recommended by the government guidlines. Staff will of course wear what is required by the government guidlines they may however add to it for added protection for staff, clients and families. This has been ordered and will be in place from Monday 06.04.2020.


31.03.2020 - THANKS

HHC gave special thanks to Care Workers; JL, RH, BW and LP for their support and efforts during a difficult time. Thanks again to you all. Very much appreciated!



27.03.2020 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY 

To Care Worker JL. Hope you have a lovely day!!! 





25.03.2020 - PPE

Government guidelines currently state that care workers only need to wear masks when they are working with someone who is presenting with COVID-19 symptoms. HHC has today sent out information to staff to remind them of the order in which PPE should be applied and removed. 


25.03.2020 - Badges and Identification.

All care workers at HHC will now have their identification on their telephone APP. This eliminates the need for the usual badges on a lanyard and inturn reduces the risk of infection control.


23.03.2020 - Office Closure.

Due to recent events across the world with the pandemic, COVID-19, the office staff will now be working from home. 

There should be no disruption to staff and clients as contact with HHC will remain the same via the office number 01604 419600.

The Billing Road office will be opened for staff only so that they are able to gather PPE supplies each Thursday between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. 


22.03.2020 - Supermarket Opening Hours.

Supermarkets are now offering different opening times for care workers. Please check with your local supermarket for individual times.



22.03.2020 - Happy Mother's Day to all of our lovely Mummys out there! Best wishes, from All at HHC!





22.03.2020 - WhatsApp Group.

WhatsApp Group started for all HHC staff so that they are able to remain in contact throughout this difficult time. 




19.03.2020 - Staff Meetings and Training.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak staff at HHC have recently held their last staff meeting in person until the crisis is over. Other avenues for staff meetings and training have been put into place. There will be no further group meetings until further notice. HHC would like to reassure clients and families that there will be no change to the quality of staff training, in fact, we would like to think that it will be improved. 


19.03.2020 - Invoicing and payments.

All invoicing and payments carried out by HHC will now be conducted via electronic methods. This is to address the possible transfer of germs via post.




17.03.2020 - Staff Health Checks

All staff have been issed with their own personal thermometer. Health checks will be carried out with all staff each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

17.03.2020 - Infection Control Packs.

All HHC staff have been issued with their own personal infection control pack. Each pack contains everything that the care worker requires to keep themselves clean and keep the risk of spreading germs as low as possible. 



HHC staff would like to apologise for the break in the news feed. This has been due to technical difficulites and the issue has now been rectified.

04.04.2017 - Easter Competition.

We are having a competition to see which of our team knows the most about care. The winner will recieve a giant easter egg and will be announced in our next newsletter this May.


24.03.2017 - MOBIZIO!

We have updated our electronic system to Mobizio! Mobizio provides a higher quality of care plans, MAR charts and care monitoring. This is still new to us but if you would like any further information please refer to our services page or call the HHC office.


08.03.2017 - CQC!

We have finally had our CQC inspection! We are still waiting for our report but were very pleased to have had our first one! It won't be long and you will be able to view it on our website under inspections or via the CQC website. 


17.02.2017 - Staff Outing.

Our yearly staff outing again! This time we had some food and arcade fun!


04.01.2017 - Harlestone Home Care Library!

Our library is now open, clients are free to borrow any books they wish which will be dropped off and picked up when they are ready. We would like to thank all those who donated books as we have almost 100 books so far! If you are interested in seeing what books we have available then please contact the office. Care workers are also able to show the list from their phones. For more information please see our services page.


21.12.2016 - Our News Letter!

Our December issue was full of training updates, our dress your pet competition winner Poppy and our lookforward for 2017.


11.11.2016 - DRESS YOUR PET! 

We are having a dress your pet competition with our team and their pets. The winner will recieve some shopping vouchers and be revealed in the next newsletter!


24.09.2016 - Macmillan Coffee Morning!

We had a coffee and cake morning to raise money for Macmillan. Thank you to all who provided refreshments and donations. We take donations all year round at the office. Please call for more information.


08.08.2016 - PASS systems.

We have updated our paper based records to an electronic system. Pass is an electronic data base that will log client information in real time. For more information please call the HHC office line.


07.05.2016 - Staff Outing.

Yet another staff outing to treat our team, HHC went out for some food and games of bowling.


01.03.2016 - Mira Life.

We are very proud to introduce a new scheme called Mira Life. This is a series of observations we carry out on our clients to monitor their health twice a week. This comes with every care package if desired and is free of charge. Please see our services page for more information.


22.02.2016 - Our News Letter!

We have started a newsletter. We will send this out a couple of times throughout the year to let you know what we've been up to. Look out for this in your mail!


16.11.2015 - WE HAVE MOVED!!!! 

Harlestone Home Care has moved to:

Grange Farm House,



NN6 8DJ. 


A HUGE THANK YOU to all our staff and clients for their patience throughout the moving period. We now have much more space! Please feel free to call in and see us. 


20.04.2015 - Induction Training Session.

Induction of new staff to the company. A very big welcome to you all!!!


16.04.2015 - Full Staff Team Dinner.

Tony and Carrie were very proud to be able to take the staff team out for dinner! A big thank you to BL who made it possible for the entire team to be together. Apologies for those that were unable to attend, we look forward to seeing you at the next one. 

We really can't believe what our staff team have all managed to achieve in such a short time! 

The staff are amazing and Tony and Carrie feel so lucky to have such a loyal and hardworking team! Thank you to you all just doesn't seem enough!!!


14.04.2015 - Client / Staff Survey in progress.


09.04.2015 - Afternoon Tea has been changed! 

Afternoon Tea will now be held on Wednesdays at 1pm. This is so that those members of staff with children of school age are able to attend. 


17.03.2015 - Check us out on page 20 of the new Care Directory.


11.03.2015 - Full team staff meeting. A very big welcome to all of our new staff!


25.02.2015 - Induction Training Session.

Welcome to all new staff. Great to have you on board!


16.02.2015 - Article - To meet the first model with down-syndrome to walk at New York fashion week please click here. Isn't she lovely!


16.02.2015 - Mail Online Article. Please click here to read it. 

Harlestone Home Care are very proud to be different! No call lasts for less than one hour and each client has their own small staff team so they know who is going to visit. Sometimes our staff are the only people that our clients see and clients can feel isolated and alone which makes this article even more shocking!


13.02.2015 - Due to very popular demand and the fact that the staff team love getting together we would like to announce the commencement of; 


AFTERNOON TEA - This will take place every Friday from 2.30pm. All staff who would like to join are very welcome and we look forward to seeing you all there.


03.02.2015 - Full team staff meeting. Should be a good afternoon, and Charlotte has promised to bake banana cake for us all! 


29.01.2015 - Carrie and Julie attended Dementia Champion Training. This was a great day for a great cause. Both Carrie and Julie are looking forward to passing on what they learned and to making lots of new Dementia Friends.


28.01.2015 - Senior Team Meeting. 


16.01.2015 - All at Harlestone Home Care would like to Congratulate Charlotte Heeler on her promotion to the Senior Care Team. Well done Charlotte!!!


31.12.2014 - Next induction training session starts 14th January 2015. A very big welcome to all who are joining us!


24.12.2014 - Anthony and Carrianne would like to wish all of the Staff and Clients at Harlestone Home Care a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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