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About Our Employee Process 


Harlestone Home Care interview new applicants based on their nature, qualifications and care abilities. Our two-day training is an extension of their interview process to make sure they understand what Harlestone Home Care stands for and that their abilities are of a high quality.

Our first day of training includes Induction training and Medication training including subjects such as:

  • An introduction to the care worker role
  • What is expected of care workers
  • Understanding client’s individual needs
  • Learning about the Mira Life scheme
  • Being prepared for different every day care scenarios
  • PPE
  • Medication legislation
  • Medication policy and procedure
  • Every day medication scenarios
  • Medication levels and individual client needs


Our Second day of training is centred on Moving and Handling including subjects such as:

  • The theory of Moving and Handling
  • Moving and Handling legislation
  • Practical understanding of equipment
  • Health and Safety
  • The emotional aspects of Moving and Handling


Trainees are tested on all the above subjects and prove knowledge gained through a series of competency tests.


Becoming a Harlestone Home Care Employee 


New trainees must pass in all these areas to become a Harlestone Home Care employee. Employees will also apply for an Adult First DBS Check to show they are safe for work as well as providing references and undergoing a risk assessment to check their suitability for the role.


What is an adult first check?


An Adult First Check means Harlestone Home Care can check potential employees are not on any adult or child registers early before they continue with the application process. An Adult First check will confirm in 72 hours if an applicant is on the barred list for working with adults. This service is only available for the care industry such as care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care agencies.


An Adult First Check means new applicants can work under direct or in some cases indirect supervision until the full certificate comes through. This is not always necessary when the company is able to wait for the full certificate. With the care industry being so fluid and up to a quarter of care services potentially facing insolvency this does enable new qualified and competent care workers to enter their role quicker.

Harlestone Home Care has always conducted Adult First Checks with every employee since the foundation of the company.


All new and existing employees must undergo shadows, supervisions, spot checks and feedback from staff and clients before becoming imbedded on the run they have joined.



What is the CQC legislation of DBS checks?


“17. What if a provider needs a new member of staff to start work urgently? New members of staff who are going to work in regulated activity with adults can begin work before their DBS certificate has arrived, using the ‘Adult First’ system. But this should only happen if the safety of people using the service would be put at risk if the person wasn’t started in their role. Providers must be able to demonstrate sound reasons for not waiting for the full DBS check before a person takes up post. Adult First is a service that allows an individual to be checked against the adults' barring list while waiting for the full DBS check to be completed. It can only be used where the registered umbrella body has payment on account arrangements with the DBS and email facilities. The DBS also needs to have received an application for an enhanced check with barred list information in order to process an Adult First check”. 


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