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Inspection Details:


We gained a requires improvement at our last CQC inspection!


At HHC, we fully believe that the inspection carried out was incorrect and we are challenging the final decision. Click here to see our report/rating.


The main evidence that the inspector provided to back up her findings all came down to a letter that the inspector produced after the final report was complete. The inspector made her decision on the fact that the letter had been received and signed for by Carrianne Butcher the company founder on the 8th June 2019 when in fact Carrianne was not in the country on that date, so could not have received the letter. Despite Carrianne providing proof that she was abroad at the time and therefore the findings were incorrect, the inspector still put the report through.


HHC has made numerous attempts to have the situation rectified by CQC however HHC has been told that the inspector responded to the evidence in front of her and therefore her findings stand, despite the proof provided. We are continuing to follow the avenues open to us to hopefully draw this to a satifactory conclusion with CQC though we have been advised to seek legal advice.


HHC would of course like to have a good working relationship with CQC and will endeavour to do so in the future despite this issue. We had very much been looking forward our second inspection so that we were able to pass on the great work that we carry out. As you may imagine we were incredibly shocked and disappointed at the outcome this time. 


We apologise to our staff and clients that this has happened and will do our utmost to have the situation recified as soon as possible.


We will post updates as they arise.


If you require any further information or have any questions please contact the office on 01604 419600 or go to the CQC website for full inspection details.











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